Where can I view reviews and testimonials from installs you have completed for other customers?

We're still getting our testimonial and reviews system in place, but until then here is a link to our Installers testimonials which give an understanding as to just how transformational our training is and why we have the most efficient systems in the country as seen in the heatpumpmonitor website.

- In addition to this, our Heat Geek Performance Guarantee ensures your system performs at least as efficiently as we quote on our proposal, guaranteeing the lowest possible running costs. If the efficiency level is not met, or your home does not reach comfort temperature for any reason, we will ensure that your system is rectified completely free of charge.

- The Heat Geek installation guarantee assures that if there are any unintended issues with your Heat Geek such as sickness, or anything that means your Heat Geek cannot complete the job, we will send another vetted Heat Geek, trained to the same highest standards and adhering to the same code of conduct to finish the job exactly as the proposal, and maintain our performance guarantee.